Larry and Tammy are a cut above the rest , Truly professional with great customer service. And today's repair they went over and above what they needed to make sure it was done right . Thanks for all your hard work and many miles you had to go .

(727) 348-1411


​If you live in the Clearwater area and need rv repair don't hesitate to call Belleair rv mobile service. Larry and Tammy are fine honest people that will treat you right and get your rv back to going


I can't give information on their repair work, but I can say their customer service is amazing. I called them looking for a part for my awning. They advised me they probably couldn't get the part for at least two weeks but gave me a number to another local business. She advised me to call them and see if they have the part I'm looking for because that particular company only does awnings and could probably have me back on the road alot quicker. I took their advice and called the other company and was able to get what I needed the same day. It speaks volumes for a business that is willing to give up up business/money to make sure you get what you need, when you want it. I will call them if I ever need a repair in the future, now that I know they have my best interest in mind and not just my money.

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Tammy personally answered my call, asked what the problem was, advised me of the cost up front and honestly and made it over to RV place I am staying. Within minutes of Tammy and Larry arriving they found a small gas leak I was not aware I had, diagnosed the electrical problem, got my wiring corrected and in short order my newer fridge was up and running perfectly! They then found my gas leak at the coupling, cut and fixed a new flange on the tube and presto no more gas leak. Very knowledgeable, down to earth folks that care about what they do and obviously doing something that they enjoy and are dang excellent at it. I will use Belleair RV Mobile Service if needed anytime I am in the area.

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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Highly recommend this skilled team of professionals. Had a quick turn around to replace my ac unit under warranty. Tammy always kept in touch with details. Helped out with some other issues with my 5th wheel , for no extra. Very honest and knowledgeable couple.

Response from the owner...
Thanks so much for your kind words. Glad you were well pleased with your experience with us. Happy to be of service. Please let us know if we can help you in the future.

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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

I can not say enough good things about Tammy and Larry!
I was in the middle of a long road trip in a 1981 VW camper van when my propane regulator sprang a leak.

My two-burner stove, my refrigerator, and my heater are all powered by propane, so I was out of luck. I had

the new regulator, but needed someone to install it.
No auto mechanic would touch the job, but they told me “Any RV repair shop can fix it.”
I googled “RV repair near me” and came up with a long list. I started making calls, and always got the same

answer: “We don’t work on anything that old.”  ”We don’t work on VWs.”
And so on, down the list. Until I got to Tammy. She said she’d be happy to take a look at it and see what

she could do. We made arrangements (she is a great communicator) and met up in a parking lot.

She and Larry got right to work. It definitely wasn’t an easy job, but they persevered, had all the right tools,

and kept their good humor the whole time. It was a pleasure just hanging out with them.
They even told me the location of their favorite beach along my route (I’m not telling!).

​"Once again, you always come thru!", ~Tom, IL,  KOA St. Pete/Maderia Beach

Mobile RV Repair in Clearwater

Larry and Tammy are great! They both know what they are doing and are such nice, friendly people. They came out and had our water leak fixed in an hour and their price was very reasonable. We're not looking to have more problems with our RV, but if and when we do, we will be calling Larry and Tammy out. 
-Anne and Rob, Clearwater, FL


Larry and Tammy have hearts of gold! They have such compassion for this single mom, with issues on my 5th wheel. I never felt rushed and they investigated the issue 100%. Tammy speaks truth about the situation at hand and responds with her heart, not dollar signs for her pocket. I know God knows what people to put in your life at the right times. Thank you for coming out and evaluating my concern and giving me an estimate. I appreciate your truthful responses when I asked what should I do? May God bless you both!

Thank you Larry and Tammy, it is so nice to find service people in the RV repair business. The extra effort to help make sure the job is done right with honesty. They helped me stay warm in my rv during a Florida cold spell. I am 
A senior ( OLD ) who needed help. God Bless them both. 100 % recommendation.

​~Angelo ,  Michigan


​​I Know these folks personally. Great Repair techs and do everything they can to get the job done right. I've seen the work they do notch.

Belleair RV Mobile Service


​Larry and Tammy have always done a quality job to my satisfaction. Great people and great attitudes. Regarding the review posted that is all negative: I was next door to that junk pile of a trailer, wiring to the battery was all mixed up and to stop from possibly creating a bigger issue, the decision to get away from a possible disaster was made by them. They only charged a service call to come out to inspect the situation. Not for the hour Larry spent wasting his time. If anyone who sees that review could see the rats nest collection of wiring at the battery, they would see the issue.

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Positive: Quality
These are good honest people and company. They did a great job on my travel trailer replacing my bad stabilizers switch. They are also very honest about RV products and their RV experience in the RV world. Thanks to you both!!!

They also gave me another company that repaired my broken awning.
Response from the owner...
Mr Jeff I’m so happy you’re pleased with your experience with our company! Let us know if we can be assistance in the future. Happy RVing!!!

                                                                                                                 YELP Reviews:

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Holiday, FL
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I would give them less because they charged us $506 to not fix the problem. $106 for a part and the rest for their time. We are still not getting got water. I feel this couple is scamming. Why should we have pay $400 because they can't find the problem. What a couple of scam artist. Stay away!

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This is an update to a review my wife wrote in a fit of anger when I told her that I was charged $506 to attempt to fix a hot water problem in my RV and a repair could not be found. Larry and Tammy are some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet, and they did EVERYTHING in their power to troubleshoot my problem. They went to the storage lot 6 times, pulled out the water heater at least 3 times, ordered parts and installed them...they were as frustrated as I was that they could not find a solution. I really got the feeling they did not want to collect a check from me but business is business and I understand that. I was resigned to take the RV to the dealer and let them figure it out. I came home today, and in my mail was a refund check for all their labor. Now it's MY turn to feel bad about taking a check. Larry and Tammy are very knowledgeable about RV repair....they have been doing it a long time! My problem was an anomaly,  not their fault, but here they are donating all their time they spent on the issue back to me. Tell me you won't find fairer human beings. Thank you folks! Your actions speak volumes about your integrity  and decency.  It was a pleasure meeting you and I wish nothing but the best for you two.

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Comment from Tammy K. of Belleair RV Mobile Service Business Owner


Thank you ******,
Your review has renewed my belief in the goodness in the world. You chose to shine a light in to a dark place.

Thank you again, Larry & Tammy